PragueDAO Incubator: The First ‘Physical DAO’

PragueDAO Incubator

The PragueDAO Incubator is an exciting new project that uses DAOstack to govern a physical space. It has been created to help decentralised tech startups collaborate effectively – fostering innovation and successful project development.

The project was created by Disrupt Digital and Genesis DAO with the goal of becoming the incubator of choice for decentralised tech startups in Prague. This guide will share some information about DAOs and the development of the PragueDAO Incubator.

The Development of DAOs


The Internet has facilitated the development of several large, decentralised information networks. This includes various news networks, social media networks, video networks, and code networks. These networks allow millions of contributors to work together to create everything from computer operating systems to cryptocurrencies.

The success of decentralised networks has led to the development of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs). These are organisations that are controlled by shareholders and are not influenced by a central government.

DAOs are very effective at solving real-world problems, but do so using a different approach to traditional top-down hierarchies. Entrepreneurs are now using DAOs to run companies, make financial decisions, plan community investments and much more.

The primary challenge of running a decentralised autonomous organisation is governance infrastructure. DAOstack was created to solve this problem. It is an advanced platform that provides the technical tools and development spaces necessary to run a resilient and scalable collective organisation.

The PragueDAO Incubator


The PragueDAO Incubator has been created to test the idea of a physical DAO. The project is located within a 2,000 square foot test space in a building that also operates as an incubation space for tech and blockchain startups. It’s an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to join a community and have real input into the development of a decentralized incubator. 

Development of the PragueDAO Incubator started on July 1st and the project has a soft launch date in August. Startups who have joined the PragueDAO Incubator will be able to access the space before the launch.

The space is located in a converted penthouse apartment with a unique layout that could be used in several ways. Members of the incubator will collectively develop the space so it perfectly accommodates all of their needs.

As this is an experimental type of DAO, the scope of decision-making will be limited non-critical elements of the space initially. This decision has been made to ensure that the DAO complies with local laws.

The project will then transition into a completely transparent physical DAO from this initial state, with all resources and governance placed in the hands of the DAO stakeholders. The Prague DAO incubator is working with legal partners to ensure the entity will remain correctly represented.

The Team Behind The PragueDAO Incubator


The PragueDAO Incubator is the brain-child of Disrupt Digital, an award-winning Prague-based marketing agency. “Our primary focus is on high potential startups in disruptive sectors and we believe the incubator will help to foster many successful collaborations between Prague startups.”

Disrupt Digital has received assistance from DAOstack, who have helped to define governance parameters for the project using the Alchemy application. The Genesis DAO has also provided planning input and funding for the PragueDAO Incubator with many of their members being involved in the future. Disrupt Digital has also used its connections with the Founder Institute and several other startup organisations to further develop the project. 

How Can You Get Involved?

There are several ways to get involved. You can start by following PragueDAO on Twitter and joining the community on Discord or DAOtalk. If you want to learn more about creating a DAO, fill out this form.

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